I have always been the one who draws

and the one who draws “blokes”.
As soon as I lay hand on anything I can draw on, I cover it up with silhouettes. In 40 years of time, I became responsible for a great bestiary!Each working session in my workshop gives birth to a humankind constituted of individuals who interact as much as they ignore each other. All of them are wild and wise at the same time, creative and vain. As far as I offer to anyone the possibility to invent my characters’ own stories, my painting is decisively of a figurative type.


A thread, if need be…
… January 2015’s events for instance… I immediately wanted my characters to gather and spread out of the canvas.Crowds… Be they dense or sparse, joyful, humble, silent or roaring, moving or obnoxious, etc…Their physical appearance does not matter. It is the combination of their convictions that tinctures the whole group. This is what I am currently working on in my latest series “J+…”.I cover my canvas with a dominant, very dense, almost garish coat. This undercoat subsequently gets entirely covered. The general shade lightens up and the color scheme fades into a monochrome of grey. At this stage I can start painting, adding or extracting substance. The music I listen to imposes the rhythm for the group to pop up.Scratching with the most various tools, I can paint with all kinds of brushes.Each scratch represents a unique pattern which characterizes the individual as much as it offers him the possibility to melt into a much broader and abstract dimension.